April Goals

April Goals

My husband pointed out the other day that we had three calendars in our kitchen. Three is a lot for one room, I had to agree! But I didn’t want to take one down because they all serve a different purpose. We have our family calendar I made through Shutterfly with our pictures and dates for birthdays and anniversaries. A school calendar that reminds me of deadlines, activities, athletic events, and meetings. And my marathon training calendar hanging on our fridge to motivate me several times a day to keep logging miles. All serve a purpose and I love seeing the visual  organization of my life. It makes me feel at peace having a calendar calendars in sight.

What I am trying to get at is that if I have things written down, I am much more likely to work towards those goals. So my intentions are to create monthly goals and share them here to keep myself accountable. I will set three goals each month that focus on trying a new recipe, a diy project, and personal development. Wish me luck!

April Goals:
Food: Homemade cheese
DIY: Sloper for drafting my own clothes
Personal Development: Send snail mail every Saturday


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